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Three Unique Experiences. One Amazing Venue.
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      THE LOFT   This eclectic atmosphere is the heart of PBK Stem & Stein. The original brick walls, will transform patrons to a speakeasy reminiscent of an era of days gone by. Just up the staircase, is the main bar, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine or a stein of beer.  Guests can sit at a quiet table tucked away, offering a more intimate setting or they can enjoy a table in the central bar area.


If the loft is the heart of PBK Stem & Stein, then the patio is the pulse. The patio will inspire a fun and a more upbeat atmosphere. This beautiful outdoor area is the perfect setting for enjoying great company. Surrounded by beautiful stonework, and a handcrafted, large fireplace, the patio offers the perfect outdoor ambiance.